Welcome to AMM Records. AMM Records is an online record label that focuses on releasing music thru streaming and download services. No physical copies are available.

Since the release radar are very rapid, please go to my Facebook page to keep track on the latest releases.

New releases:

The Jazz Explorers: – first single

Universal Connection: https://unicon.lnk. – released spring 2023

Brazilian Moods:

The Jazz Seekers:

The Modern Jazz Trio with Rick Margitza:

Walt Weiskopf European Quartet – Diamonds And Other Jewels:

Carl Winther Trio with Håkan Broström – The Copenhagen Session:

Carl Winther Trio with Håkan Broström – Lovers Moment:

Carl Winther Trio:

The Modern Jazz Trio with Jerry Bergonzi – Straight Gonz:

The Modern Jazz Trio with Jerry Bergonzi – Standard Gonz:

Hans Ulrik

“The Meeting With Steve Swallow”
Listen here:

Hans Ulrik – In a Sentimental Mood:

Gathering in Jazz

Gathering in Jazz – Second Strike:

Gathering in Jazz – Stardust:

Walt Weiskopf

Walt Weiskopf European Quartet:

Walt Weiskopf European Quartet – World Wide:

Walt Weiskopf European Quartet:

Various others

Universal Connection

Carl Winther/Jerry Bergonzi –  Dedication

Chaos Commander

The Meeting with George Colligan:

Real People

Anders Mogensen External Experience – A.M.

Gathering in Jazz

Anders Mogensen – Gratitude